General Surgery

General Surgery

Prof. Galukande Moses

Lead General Surgeon

+256 312 200 690

Our General Surgery department has a team of skilled and experienced Doctors and Nurses who are ready to perform common surgical procedures..

The procedures performed are;

a) General Surgery

b) Endoscopic Procedures including ERCP

c) Laparoscopic Procedures/ Keyhole surgeries

  • Appendicitis,
  • Cholelithiasis,
  • Hernias

d) Surgical Gastroenterology

  • Esophageal Cancers,
  • Stomach ulcers, Cancers, Volvulus and perforation,
  • Liver conditions,
  • Pancreas and Biliary tree conditions,
  • Colo-Rectal conditions.

e) Laser surgeries for Varicose Veins and Hemorrhoids.

f) Breast Health and Breast Cancer.

g) Diagnostic Procedures such as Diagnostic Laparoscopy

H) Reconstructive  Surgery and Burns

  • Skin graft ,Flaps, abdominal Plasty.

The Clinics run from Monday to Saturday. Consultations are on appointment basis according to the Rota below.

Specialist’s Rota

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We are the only COHSASA accredited Hospital in Uganda and one of the two in East Africa.

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