Women Center

Women’s Center

Dr. Emmanuel Okullo

Dr. Emmanuel Okullo

Lead Doctor: Women’s Center

+256 312 200 570

A center dedicated to the Wellness of Women with onsite diagnostic services, Ultrasound and Lab Services. We are open from Monday to Sunday.

List of Services offered;

  • Antenatal Care services
  • Postnatal Care Services which include cervical cancer screening, Family Planning services,
  • Antenatal Classes every Saturday
  • General Gynaecology
  • Fertility Consultation
  • Gynae- Oncology

Specialist’s Rota


Delivery Packages

Expect the best when you’re expecting. Mothers-to-be have so much to think about; but when it comes to medical care, our maternity packages have you covered.

Click here for package details

Each package is designed to enable you to deliver your baby in a comfortable and safe environment.
The packages cover:
-UNEPI Vaccination
-Specialist professional fees
-Newborn assessment
-Nursing care
-Meals for the mother
-Drugs and sundries related to delivery
-Accommodation: 2 days for a standard delivery, 4 days for a C-section delivery

For more information about the Packages speak to the midwife or the Cashier at Women’s Center.
Installment Payments can be made at the Cashier’s Desk
Rooms are subject to availability on admission.
Packages apply to Cash Patients only

Here is what you should expect on your;

  1. First Antenatal visit (https://youtu.be/twioUrioIQY)
  2. Second Antenatal visit (https://youtu.be/YLEU0TQrHXw)
  3. Third Antenatal visit (https://youtu.be/nayfhYoAd64)
  4. Fourth Antenatal visit (https://youtu.be/IqvtW5m_WkY)
  5. Fifth Antenatal visit (https://youtu.be/BcgldtpLp4M)

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Founded in the year 2000, IHK is the Largest Private Hospital
in Uganda.


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We are the only COHSASA accredited Hospital in Uganda and one of the two in East Africa.

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