Ambulance Services

Ambulance Services


Dr. Sharon Nassuna

Lead Doctor: Ambulance Services

24hrs Phone Number

+256 772 200 400
+256 712 200 400

At IHK, we have a Critical Care Ambulance fully fitted with Equipment to provide the right Environment to Safely transport Critically ill Patients to and from an Intensive Care Unit, another Hospital or Accident scene.

The ambulance comes with specially trained ICU medical doctors and nurses trained in advanced Cardiac Life Support, Basic Trauma Life Support, among other critical care training. The number of doctors or nurses on board may vary depending on the condition of the patient.

BLS (Basic Life Support) Ambulance

  • This is run by a Nurse, Paramedic /driver with Basic First Aid Equipment including Oxygen.

ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) Ambulance

  • This is run by Intensivists with high tech equipment like Ventilators, ABC Gas Analyzers.

This ambulance is the ideal mode of transportation from one Hospital to another or to the Airport for Patients who require further treatment abroad as it provides an advanced environment (staff and equipment) that offers the best chance of survival for very sick Patients.

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Founded in the year 2000, IHK is the Largest Private Hospital
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Tel: +256 312 200 400
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Emergency: +256 772 200 400
Emergency: +256 712 200 400


We are the only COHSASA accredited Hospital in Uganda and one of the two in East Africa.

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