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Access to quality healthcare is a fundamental human right rather than a luxury and it is because of this fact that International Hospital Kampala has launched a two-month arthroscopy camp to treat patients with joint pains, joint swelling, inability to move the joints, cracking sounds in the joints, inability to use the joints following road traffic accidents, sports injuries and other injuries at a discounted rate and free consultation.

The camp will be conducted within the months of September and October at the hospital theater.

Arthroscopy is a keyhole procedure in which a telescope is inserted into a joint to allow the surgeon to make a thorough inspection of the joints so that a definite diagnosis can be made and two to four small “puncture” wounds are made for the camera and instruments to be inserted from different angles.

Dr. Peter Ntege the hospital Manager says, the camp will offer free consultation and joint assessment by the Arthroscopic surgeon at IHK and the public with meniscal injuries, anterior cruciate ligament tears, rotator cuff tear among other joint conditions are advised to book an appointment.

“We have an elite team of experienced and qualified orthopedic specialists to perform arthroscopic procedures and a support team of professional nurses to provide empathetic care to guide the patients through the recovery processes,” He said.

Adding, arthroscopy improves the rapid recovery rate, lowers the risk of infection and complications, improves the visualization of the knee structure and lessens the pain and scarring after surgery.

According to Dr. Pariyo Bonane the lead Orthopedic Surgeon at International Hospital Kampala, the arthroscopy procedure allows the operating surgeon to insert a narrow tube attached to a fiber-optic video camera through a small incision and enable them to see inside your joint and treat it without making a large incision.

Unlike other open surgical procedures, arthroscopy has a 1% risk of complications during or after the procedures. However, when not properly perform it can lead to excessive swelling or bleeding around the knee or shoulder, damage to blood vessels or nerve, hemarthrosis, deep vein thrombosis, pain, and stiffness of the joints, He added.

International Hospital Kampala (IHK) has also revamped its theater, heavily invested in advanced infrastructure and new medical equipment, brought in the latest technology to ease medical procedures, and ensure that Ugandans have access to quality healthcare services within the country, Dr. Ntege emphasized.

Beyond Arthroscopy, the hospital has invested in different laparoscopic equipment to enable several minimally invasive surgeries which improve treatment results. Other investments include but not limited to; a modern ENT Table and Ophthalmology Microscope, a Mobile Mini Cathlab, and enhancement of the laser surgery division.

Further noting, the advancement in these new medical procedures is to enable Ugandans to have this procedure in the country as opposed to doing it abroad because it is cheaper and more cost-effective, greatly reduces the duration of the procedure and post-operation recovery time and follow-up reviews after surgery in case of any complication.


Dr. Peter Ntege, a seasoned medical doctor and public health specialist has been appointed as the head of International Hospital Kampala succeeding Mrs. Esme Keyser effective immediately.

Dr. Ntege has been working as the Acting Head of Clinical Operation at the Hospital and previously worked as the Deputy General Manager of the International Medical Centre. Prior to joining IMG, he worked for AAR Healthcare Uganda as the Head of Clinical Operations and Business Development, KCCA, Mildmay Uganda, and Mulago Hospital as a medical Doctor.

Mr. Andre Ackerman the chief Executive Officer of the International Medical Group says, this change comes at an opportune time when the group is dedicating its resources to become the lead in medical innovation and provide advanced and quality healthcare to all through new technologies and specialized treatment.

“Dr. Peter Ntege brings a wealth of experience in private healthcare management. His great passion and unique insight in local healthcare will be valuable in contributing to IHK strategic direction and continue to benefit the organization through these challenging times of pandemic crisis,” Mr. Ackerman said.

According to Dr. Peter Ntege, he looks forward to taking IHK to greater heights by leveraging on the existing capital investment in infrastructure to actualize the performance of new specialized medical procedures and improve the patient’s experience through refining the hospital processes and utilization of existing technologies.

In efforts to mentor staff, I intend to foster a spirit of capability within the medical profession, both on the part of patients knowing that healthcare excellence can be sought and found locally; but also amongst medical practitioners as well specialists and nurses to be empowered by the knowledge that they are not limited by technology or facility, foster a culture of ownership and accountability, and value the quality healthcare to patients, Mr. Ntege said.

“As we continue to provide quality healthcare services that meet International Standards, I am proud to say that our clients and the general public should expect those standards and encourage them to challenge us or hold us accountable to these standards,” Ntege emphasized.

International Hospital Kampala has and continues to invest in Uganda’s private medical infrastructure, equipment, experience and excellence. The hospital is home to an elite team of surgeons, operating in state-of-the art facilities with the most advanced and proficient machinery and technology at their disposal.

IHK is committed to providing the best healthcare to their plethora of patients, and have invested in new innovations, specialists and equipment to that end.

In 2015, Ceil Healthcare Limited, a Mauritius based company acquired a 90.1% ownership of International Medical Group and its subsidiary companies which include;- International Hospital Kampala, International Medical Centres, and International Air Ambulance.


Dr. Jeff Sebuyira – Mukasa has been appointed Chairman Board of Directors of the International Medical Group, succeeding Dr. Ian Clarke, effective July 1st, 2020.

Dr. Sebuyira-Mukasa — who holds a Doctorate in Business Leadership from the University of South Africa — is a Fellow of the Chartered Certified Accountants (UK), a faculty member with Duke Corporate Education, an accredited executive coach, and a certified user of various psychometric instruments. He worked for multinational organisations across the globe — including Coca-Cola Sabco, Century Bottling Company Uganda, Price Water House Uganda, and British Red Cross — where he occupied positions such as a Division Finance Director, Country Finance Manager, and Group Executive Assistant.

He is currently the CEO and Founding Partner of Imprint (U) Ltd and is a capacity-building expert with a strong leadership and financial background in the corporate business sector.  His areas of expertise include but are not limited to, strategic planning, Executive coaching, corporate governance, training, facilitation of corporate retreats and team buildings and project management.

Furthermore, Dr. Sebuyira-Mukasa is the Deputy Board Chair of Mildmay Uganda, former Director of KCB Uganda Board and serves as a board member on a selected number of organisations across different industry sectors. His appointment brings with it a wealth of experience and maturity that will greatly enhance the strengthening of International Medical Group’s governance framework.


International Medical Group would like to inform the public that we are not authorized to provide COVID-19 treatment at International Hospital Kampala or any of our IMCs as mandated by the Ministry of Health and the Government of Uganda.

Any suspected COVID-19 cases should be referred to Entebbe Grade B Hospital and Naguru China Uganda Hospital as instructed by the Ministry of Health.

We would also like to remind you that our facilities remain open to all who seek treatment for all other medical conditions, and reassure you that all the necessary precautions have been undertaken to ensure that you receive the care you need within a safe environment.

We ask for and appreciate your understanding as we do what’s necessary to keep you and our communities safe.

We look forward to continuing to serve you


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa (COHSASA), Ms. Jacqui Stewart visited International Hospital Kampala (IHK) on 22 March 2018. This is after IHK was awarded its second COHSASA accreditation, having scored 97% in the audits.

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