Monday 19th July 2021

On 16th May 2021 Asha Mary Simon 30, was 25 weeks pregnant, expecting to go through a normal pregnancy, little did she know that she would give birth sooner than expected. On the morning of 17th May after life threatening events, she was able to deliver four babies following an emergency C-section procedure at IHK. Asha delivered 3 girls and a boy having had an IVF procedure because she had been trying to conceive for 8 years without success.

A handful of children born at 25 weeks barely make it through their first 24 hours in Uganda. At 25 weeks, the baby normally weighs about 660 grams, the brain and the nervous system may not be fully developed. These neonates are prone to infections and breathing difficulties because their lungs are not fully developed to produce surfactant and so is their gut which is not fully developed to enable digestion. Neonates at 25 weeks often experience anaemia and jaundice caused by immature bone marrow and liver, respectively. They would battle to survive due to immature vital organs. Most of them die.

The chances of survival for a neonate delivered at that age are very minimal and mostly depend on the environment and hospital where they are delivered. They require functional neonatal facilities and specially trained neonatal nurses and a paediatrician with specialist training in management of babies born prematurely also known as a neonatologist. Fortunately, these children were delivered at International Hospital Kampala, a hospital with these facilities and staff available to support these delicate lives. They were born weighing 720grams to 760 grams which was slightly above the expected weight according to UK standards.

Asha lost the last 2 babies after 9 and 25 days because of immature organs that could not support their lives even with technological support. She remained with the first 2 girls who have battled through growing from 25 weeks to 34 weeks and gaining up to 1.1kg more than their birth weight. At the time of discharge, the babies weighed 1.8Kgs and had a normal head circumference among other key growth indicators.

Dr. Shiba K. Nahurira, the head of Paediatrics at IHK was thankful to the doctors, midwives, Intensive Care Unit and Neonatal Care Unit staff who received the babies and supported them through the tough days for their dedication and commitment towards the survival of these children. She thanked Mary Asha and her family for remaining strong and not giving up even when there was little hope for survival. Dr. Shiba thanked Dr. Victoria Nakibuuka the consultant Neonatologist for guiding the team through the process. Further, a team of nurses and midwives who offered to express their milk which was used to feed the babies was recognised for their selflessness.

Dr. Victoria Nakibuuka congratulated Asha upon discharge and thanked her for her support and the IHK team for taking care of these neonates with dedication and love. She asked Asha to be an advocate for Kangaroo Mothercare which she did faithfully with guidance from the medical team to see these babies through. Dr. Dennis Muyaaka the Paediatrician who received these babies at birth also thanked Asha for her commitment and patience without which these two would not have survived. The hospital handed over a few items to the mother to celebrate this milestone and indicate their support to the family.

Asha Mary Simon the mother was very grateful to God and to IHK for not sending her away like other hospitals she had been to when she needed emergency services. She was very thankful to the Doctors and nurses for their guidance and support. She indicated that it was her first time to get treatment at IHK and that she had been impressed by the level of care and love towards patients that the team had from the day she was admitted.

IHK is one of very few hospitals in Uganda with a fully functional Neonatal Intensive Care unit and a team of trained and experienced Neonatal nurses. Every year in November IHK joins the world to celebrate and raise awareness about children born prematurely. The hospital is committed to support expectant mothers who may experience challenges during pregnancy including delivering their children prematurely.

Article by Peter Mulindwa, Photography by Timothy Nkwasibwe

Remarks by Mr. Sukhmeet Sandhu, CEO International Medical Group- Uganda at the Prudential- IAA acquisition on 27th May 2021

Salutations; Good morning.

International Medical Group Uganda is owned by CIEL Healthcare as part of CIEL an international Mauritian Group listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. CIEL Healthcare owns, operates, and manages assets in the healthcare sector in Mauritius and across Sub-Saharan Africa including Uganda.

International Medical Group is a conglomerate of health-related companies including International Hospital Kampala (IHK) –a 100 bed specialized tertiary hospital in Uganda, International Medical Center (IMC) – the largest provider of primary healthcare outpatient services with 21 centers and International Air Ambulance – IAA, one of the first and leading medical insurance provider in Uganda.

Our future strategic objective is to focus on our core business which is healthcare and inline with our vision of providing quality and affordable healthcare service of international standards in Uganda. IAA has been a commercially gainful business over the years therefore, we sought out to find a suitable partner to take over our Insurance book enabling us to strengthen our focus on healthcare. We are glad to inform the public that Prudential Assurance Uganda given their track record will be a partner of choice and we trust that our clients, some of whom have been with IAA for more than a decade will continue to receive quality medical insurance services from Prudential, an internationally acclaimed recognized insurance brand.

Our healthcare services will continue to be available across our network, based on your existing or new insurance packages and in addition, we look forward to delivering healthcare services of international standards to both insured and cash paying clients.

IMG will be celebrating 25 years within a couple of months, we are focusing on advancing medical excellence through expansion including opening facilities in four new locations in Uganda, to bring the total to 25 centers in the country. We are upgrading three of our centers in Mbale, Gulu and Mukono to hospital status to handle inpatient and specialist services. We shall continue to pioneer modern clinical interventions to include Interventional radiology, Cochlear implant surgery and the most recently launched IMG Telemedicine consultancy services which enable patients to consult the doctor, have investigations done as well as delivery of drugs in the comfort of their homes or offices with voice and video appointments.

Today is a momentous day for Prudential and I take this opportunity to congratulate them on achieving this milestone and I look forward to a beneficial partnership that will deliver superior customer experience to our mutual clients. I also want to thank our clients for the continued support. As Prudential rightly states, we are in this together and will continue to serve you every step of the way!


POSITION:                      LAB QUALITY MANAGER

Job Purpose:

To develop, implement and maintain a quality management system (QMS) for all aspects of laboratory practice so as to comply with the legal requirements of the Ministry of Health, the standards of accreditation bodies

Review and report on the functioning and effectiveness of the quality management system and be instrumental in the development of a culture of quality and critical review within the laboratory.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Report on the functioning and effectiveness of the Quality Management System and be the point of contact and liaison with accrediting bodies and the Ministry of Health. Coordinate inspections and respond to non-compliance and quality deficiencies that are identified from time to time.
  • Communicate changes in legislation, recommended working practices and best practice from the government, accrediting, inspection and professional bodies and deal with complaints from the users of the laboratory, both verbal and written.
  • Provide specialized training on the Quality Management System and Quality Management Issues and lead in the development and implementation of a coordinated training policy within the laboratory in both quality management and other discipline-specific subjects
  • Participate in staff developmental reviews and develop templates for personal development portfolios for all staff
  • Responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System and Auditing system for the laboratory. Develop Standard Operating Procedures within the Quality Management and Training Systems across the laboratory service in accordance with National and International legislation, SANAS, CAP and other compliance or accreditation body standards. Coordinate the QMS between laboratory disciplines
  • Produce a Quality Policy and a Quality Manual to meet the changing needs of the laboratory environment and develop and implement a Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA) system for the laboratory.
  • Responsible for maintaining records of complaints (from all laboratory users (patients and other staff), incidents and patient comments and ensuring these are investigated and issues resolved if appropriate
  • Report, investigate and take measures to resolve Laboratory incidents and failures of service provision. Analyze and report the results of audits to improve the laboratory service.
  • Undertake the process of validation for the introduction of new laboratory investigations or equipment to ensure accuracy and precision and that it meets the manufacturers stated performance criteria.
  • Investigate, recommend and implement corrective and preventative actions when the quality management system identifies a loss of performance of the laboratory equipment, systems or methods
  • Work with the laboratory manager to keep expenditure within budgetary limits and to be pro-active in cost-saving measures. Take a lead on quality issues involved in the decision making process for the purchase of new equipment within the laboratory, as part of the procurement process.
  • Develop and produce regular reports for laboratory management and meetings and on all audits performed in the laboratory, as well as produce non-compliance notes as part of the laboratory audit process. Produce reports required by accrediting and compliance bodies

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Science/Technology from a Recognized University/College
  • Proper understanding of accrediting body requirements such as SANAS or CAP and Laboratory Quality Management Systems
  • Experience of working with an accredited Laboratory or one undergoing accreditation will be an added advantage.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills, ready to multitask and with leadership ability


Send your CV to hr@img.co.ug before 11th July 2021.


POSITION:                      LAB TECHNOLOGIST



About us:

International Medical Group is the leading health care provider with a hospital, IHK, and IMC, a network of walk-in clinics throughout Uganda.

Job purpose:

Responsible for receiving and analyzing samples according to standard procedures.

 Job Requirements:

  • Good and demonstrable understanding of IMG philosophy, vision and strategy
  • Good interpersonal and communication (verbal & written) skills
  • Good and demonstrable professional knowledge of concepts, principles, practices, methodology including routine and rarely requested analysis.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with the team and to apply broader objectives at team level
  • Good organizational skills
  • Must have a Diploma in Medical Lab Technology from recognized institution
  • Must be registered by allied health professional’s council

Specific Responsibilities

  • You shall have the authority, accountability, and responsibility to manage, coordinate and evaluate the delivery of samples and results of all patients accessing the laboratory service
  • Providing consultation on health issues that relate to the department (expert opinion) to other staff, Team Leaders, Managers, and other professionals as necessary
  • Representing the department as necessary to all appropriate committees
  • Ensuring the maintenance and completion of necessary systems of records, statistics and client information
  • Assure compliance with regulatory and accrediting agencies
  • Draw required samples for investigations
  • Coordinate with accounts (billing) department with regards to prices, payments of lab tests, for both internal and external clients.
  • Observe the laboratory ethical code of conduct at all times.




POSITION:                     PHLEBOTOMIST



About us:

International Medical Group is the leading health care provider with a hospital, IHK, and IMC, a network of walk-in clinics throughout Uganda.

Job purpose:

The Phlebotomist is responsible for efficiently and accurately performing blood draws

Job Requirements:

  • Good and demonstrable understanding of IMG philosophy, vision and strategy
  • Good interpersonal and communication (verbal & written) skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively with the team and to apply broader objectives at team level
  • Good organizational skills
  • Must have a certificate in Nursing or Medical Lab Technology from a recognized institution
  • Must be registered by professional council
  • Smartness and professionalism
  • Good and demonstrable phlebotomy skills

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Collecting blood from all age groups (inpatients and outpatients) for routine and stat blood work
  2. Follow departmental policies correctly identify the patient before any blood specimen is drawn and correctly label all specimens drawn.
  3. At all times, show concern and understanding for the patient as much as possible while performing collection duties
  4. Preparation of specimens the laboratory for testing
  5. Perform clerical duties which may include being the liaison between the laboratory and outpatient/inpatient customer
  6. Enter patient information and test orders in computer
  7. Sort and process specimens received in the central receipt area, ensuring orderly and timely flow of specimens the technical areas.
  8. Maintain accurate and orderly log records and worksheets, include use of the computer.


Job application procedure

Should you meet the above requirements, kindly email one scanned file that includes an application letter, CV including daytime telephone numbers, copies of certificates and practicing license to the Human Resources Manager at hr@img.co.ug or deliver hardcopies to the HR Office by the 15th June 2021

Please note, only successful candidates will be contacted.


Friday May 21st 2021

In this information era where google answers just about anything, clinical acumen is the most important concept that makes a doctor’s consultation relevant.

In summary

By Dr. Peter Ntege

One day, this very eloquent and exotic looking patient walked into my consultation room, oozing pheromones of “class”.  She sat down, like Meghan Markle ready for Oprah’s interview. I know nothing about fashion, but I could tell that her bag was neither bought from Pioneer Mall nor was it obtained from the overpriced Abryanz store. It was “Legit”! Anyway, unlike Oprah’s Meaghan, my Meghan gave minimal eye contact while we interacted, her iphone got the most of  it.

She was chewing on gum when she walked in but courteously rolled it in a small shiny silver paper and damped it in the bin. She then wraps it all up when I asked for the reason of her visit and she said, “I have come to get a prescription for Carbimazole,  I think I have Thyrotoxicosis”. If I was not a medical doctor that would have marked the peak of my fascination, however, as medical doctor I could only probe further, “Why do you think you have Thyrotoxicosis?” This turned out to be one of the longest consultations I have ever had, the patient was adamant about her diagnosis of Thyrotoxicosis while from my interaction with her it was an anxiety disorder with episodes of mild panic attacks.

Every medical doctor remembers the common dictum in medical school at the beginning of clinical years (Usually 3rd year or 4th year depending on the university), “Diseases do not read books”. The tutors in medical school recited this over and over again to emphasise to future doctors that, medical literature which describes signs and symptoms of diseases, patterns of progress, and treatment were not the binding representation of how the described diseases would always manifest.

“Diseases do not read books, always trust your clinical acumen.”

Clinical acumen is to a medical doctor what “gut feeling” is to a lay man, only that this type of “gut feeling” is steeped in knowledge, insight, and years of painstakingly gathered clinical experience. This clinical acumen allows for appropriate decision making even with insufficient or contradicting information. Clinical acumen is best demonstrated when a doctor decides to treat a patient for a condition based on the presenting signs and symptoms even when laboratory tests suggest the contrary but trusts his knowledge and experience with the disease.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, one of the biggest controversies has been, isolation and treatment of patients for Covid 19 even when their DNA PCR results are negative, because the DNA PCR test is not 100 per cent accurate. Luckily for Ugandan health workers, there were several lessons drawn from other countries which were hit by the Covid 19 pandemic much earlier. One the lessons was that some patients would show up at ER with negative DNA PCR results but with signs and symptoms of Covid-19 and their chest CT scan images looked very similar to chest CT images of confirmed (Positive DNA PCR) Covid 19 patients.

In this information era where google answers just about anything, clinical acumen is the most important concept that makes a doctor’s consultation relevant. One can read all medical books and learn about several medical conditions and treatment on the internet however, the books will not give the reader clinical acumen. Indeed, if diseases read the books written about them, they would be confused by how each one of them mimics the other in the way they affect humans. Unless guided by a doctor, the signs and symptoms of malaria will largely be the same as those of any systemic bacterial infection and viral infections. My Meghan Markle was convinced she had Thyrotoxicosis simply because when she googled her set of symptoms, it was the first diagnosis displayed, however all tests confirmed that she did not have Thyrotoxicosis but rather an anxiety disorder.

So, always remember this as you make assertions to your doctor about what you googled; “Diseases do not read books”

Dr  Peter Ntege, MBchB, MPH Healthcare Management and Public health specialist

Source: Daily Monitor. Click here


Invitation To Bid


IHK is a private hospital with a total of 100 beds, that provides both primary and secondary healthcare to the general public. It is located in Namuwongo and has been in existence for the last 20 years. The hospital is accredited by COHSASA, a South African Medical association.

The hospital is currently assessing its Outpatient Department offering in comparison with the market with the aim of enhancing its process flow and ambience and improve the service delivery to its patients.

Outpatient Department

  1. Process flow

The floor orientation of the Hospital’s OPD comprises several service points at different sections of the ground floor which does not make for easy patient flow and access to services. Patients are forced to navigate between different service points and waiting areas for example, the Laboratory, Consultation rooms, Pharmacy & Radiology which requires directing resulting into a protracted Hospital service turnaround time impacting the overall customer/patient experience.


Structural layout to house all related outpatient services in one area I.e., reception, waiting area, phlebotomy, consolation rooms, pharmacy, billing points & lavatories

  1. Look and feel

The Hospital would like to improve the look and feel of the Out-Patient Department reception making the visit memorable to our patients. Requirement

Ambiance (Look & Feel) i.e, better aeration & lighting, comfortable seats, spacious & well aerated waiting space, clean & refreshing walls plus floors


Improve patient experience by bringing all OPD services under one roof plus upgrade the ambiance

Deliverables Required

  1. Pre-qualification Documents 
  1. Company profile
  2. Certificate of incorporation.
  3. Company returns
  4. Trading license.
  5. TIN
  6. Bank Detail.
  7. Tax clearance certificate
  8. EFRIS registration (if VAT registered)
  9. 3 recommendations

Attached herewith is a form that MUST be filled & submitted together with the rest of the documents

2. Design & Architectural documents

  1. Technical proposal with project
    • Concept
    • 3D illustrations
  2. Financial proposal

Current Site layout 

Herewith attached

Proposal Submission Deadline 

May 7th, 2021

For more information email ptino@img.co.ug or call 0312200400.

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