Job Ad: Unit Manager

DUTY STATION            : C-Care IHK 

DEPARTMENT              : NURSING       

POSITION                    : UNIT MANAGER        




To ensure smooth running of all processes in the unit and that patient care provided by nurses and the multi-disciplinary team in the unit is executed in a compassionate, evidence-based and ethical manner.


Basic requirements

  • Licensed and Registered with the UNMC
  • Holds BScN, or Diploma in Nursing with a minimum of two years’ experience in similar position; nursing supervisor and management background is an added advantage.
  • Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support training is an added advantage.
  • Have sound clinical knowledge base and excellent time management skills.
  • Hospital experience or training in Critical care nursing
  • Effective communication and good inter-personal skills
  • Strong organizational and co-ordination skills
  • Positive, professional leader focused on ensuring quality patient care and a motivated nursing staff
  • Strong commitment to developing the next generation of nursing talent & teamwork
  • Confidence, enthusiasm, and a friendly approach to work
  • The ability to be flexible and work on one’s own initiative


Professional competencies

  • Excellent nursing assessment, critical thinking, clinical reasoning skills.
  • Excellent care coordination, planning and evaluation skills for individual and groups of patients and families.
  • Knowledge of clinical auditing processes and a commitment of continuous quality improvement and research.
  • Ability to cope with high and varied workload with demonstration of appropriate task prioritisation, time and resource management
  • Demonstrated understanding of and sensitivity to complex patient/family circumstances/ situations, and cultural issues that affect the delivery of health services


Management competencies

The Manager needs to be well rounded in a wide range of competencies. The critical competencies of are:

  • Strategic Thinking and Management – have a clear understanding of C-Care’s philosophy, vision, direction and be able to translate this to the team.
  • Effective communication (verbal & written) skills– including ability to speak clearly and concisely, write and summarise reports, use computerised and other communication methods.
  • Effective Interpersonal Skills – Including demonstrated ability to motivate and develop (including appraisal and training) teams
  • Demonstrated competence in resource planning and management
  • Computer literacy, knowledge and ability to use information management system



  • Handle nursing administrative issues that may arise
  • Handle disciplinary issues as per C-Care IHK protocols.
  • Identify, investigate and deal with problems that arise during the night and report to Nursing Director as appropriate.
  • Ensure that team leaders are available for doctors’ rounds. Observes techniques of and services rendered by nursing staff to ensure adherence to hospital guidelines.
  • Be available to revisit other areas and or provide assistance if the need arises during the shift.
  • At shift handover, check record keeping (observations, fluids and medications), nurse absence and staff allocation.
  • Assigns duties to nursing staff in department for efficient use of personnel.
  • Provide help as required in emergency ambulance pick-ups e.g. allocating a nurse
  • Ensure that nursing policies and procedures for as per the Nursing protocol handbook are adhered to.



  • Ensure the delivery of quality care to patients and monitor and evaluate the care delivered.
  • Develop processes and checks to ensure all patients receive due medications and care. Check that records have been correctly kept during the previous shift.
  • Monitor and evaluate patient care through rounding and consultation.
  • Be a mentor and educator for the IPD2 nursing team, a problem-solver for physicians and other hospital staff, and an advocate for patients and families.
  • Ensure that drug supplies are correctly maintained and recorded on the ward. Ensure that DDA is maintained per regulations
  • Take responsibility for the stock levels of non-drug consumables on the ward, including equipment and other resources.
  • Communicate effectively with the MDT and offer support to the others depending on the different patients’ conditions, needs, and concerns.
  • Participate in the compiling nurses’ duty rota, including the co-ordination of all Leave, ensuring 24-hour cover and appropriate skill mix.
  • Ensure that nursing staffing numbers are adequate at all times and appropriately changing the allocation of nurses on teams if required by staff absence or high patient dependency/acuity.
  • Identifies staffing needs and levels, in coordination with the Nurse Staffing Office.
  • Coordinate orientation and training of new employees in the unit.
  • Carry out daily reviews on Performance Indicators and appraisals as required and continued staff feedback on their performance.
  • Be in position to respond to concerns, issues, complaints, and grievances quickly and appropriately (Role model for promoting a caring environment for patients, staff, families, visitors and physicians)
  • Conduct periodic team meetings or forums with clinicians, support staff and relevant hospital personnel, and follow through with implementation of agreed actions.
  • Manage complaints, accidents and untoward incidents as per C-Care policy/guidelines.
  • Monitor & coordinate patient flow – admissions and discharges
  • Develop a working knowledge of budgetary control, manpower and skill mix.
  • Directly work with the in- house Doctor/specialists and ensure that patient has been reviewed and new instructions promptly followed.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving when dealing with complex situations occurring on regular basis.
  • Delegate as necessary to ensure a neat, tidy and welcoming environment in the unit and in various areas e.g. the ward kitchen, treatment rooms, nurses’ station at all times
  • Co-ordinate Nurses CME for the unit and any other training as may be required.
  • Attend meetings as appropriate.
  • Co-ordinate & participate in the auditing process on the ward.
  • Mentoring team members & carry out skill competency assessment in your department
  • Liaise with the clinical directorate to ensure regular clinical safety meetings are held as scheduled.
  • Supervise ward billing clerk activities and review daily interims
  • Perform any other duties as may arise from time to time.



  • Be familiar with the inventory processes for equipment on the various nursing departments and have the ability to spot-check for compliance by nursing staff as assigned
  • Be familiar with ISO standards regarding equipment repair procedures



  • Working use of Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, & the internet



Critical thinking, insight and good decision making in view of nature and needs of the unit


You are expected to work at all times within the Ugandan Nurses and midwifery council code of professional conduct and to observe safety measures as outlined in the Nurses Procedure Manual, which you are required to read.

You are required to adhere to the employment policies as per department guidelines and as per the Employee Handbook.

Among other performance measures as agreed within your department, you are required to align your accomplishments to the 5 pillars of the organisation; namely:


You are required to adhere to and embody the values of the organisation; these require a commitment to creative demonstration of the values below in your day-to-day work:

  1. ACCOUNTABILITY for our actions
  • Committed to creative actions that have a positive impact on others
  • Proactively seeking feedback about our services, we willingly take the necessary actions for redress, where needed
  • Taking responsibility for our decisions and their outcomes, we do not shift blame, give excuses or become defensive
  • Understanding that our responses are within our control, we choose to positively respond to the circumstances around us.


2. DIGNITY in our service

  • Recognising the sanctity of life, we honour those we serve
  • Acknowledging that respect is earned, we have self-respect and esteem others, too
  • We recognise that everyone brings unique value to the organisation so we treat all partners with respect and dignity
  • We value the unique opinions and contributions added by others so we actively listen in our communications with one another


3. COMMITMENT to excellence

  • Exceptional outcomes are a result of our focussed dedication
  • Deliberate devotion to our standards of care
  • Shared accountability for achievement of results
  • Evidence-based practice for quality care


4. COMPASSION for our customers

  • Empathy for those in our care
  • Willingness to listen to others
  • Going the extra mile to meet clients’ needs
  • Responsive to the individual needs of the client, we deliver holistic care to our clients


5. BUILDING HOPE in the community

  • Providing quality care to the needy
  • Investing in health interventions that have a wider social impact
  • Touching our communities through our health programs
  • Encouraging and supporting those around us


6. INNOVATION in our approaches

  • Continuous improvement in our systems and practices ensures effective models for first-rate service delivery
  • Committed to life-long learning, we strive to be creative and innovative in all we do
  • Investing in modern equipment
  • We believe in the synergy inherent in partnerships and proactively seek to work with our stakeholders


7. INTEGRITY in our dealings

  • Honest communication with patients and among staff
  • Fairness and self-scrutiny in everything we do
  • Maintaining confidentiality and privacy
  • Sound business practices in line with best practice


8. INVESTING in people and services

  • Developing our staff through internal and external opportunities
  • Fostering an empowering and conducive working environment
  • Constantly advancing our facilities and equipment
  • Consistently scrutinizing our services and conduct



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