Job Ad: Pharmacy Technician/Dispenser

DUTY STATION     :           C-Care

DEPARTMENT       :           Pharmacy      

POSITION             :           Pharmacy Technician/Dispenser

REPORTS TO        :           Pharmacist    

INTERFACES WITH:          Clients/Patients, Doctors, Nurses



To participate in the preparation, documentation and dispensing of drugs and other supplies to other hospital units and to clients. This service requires a professional demeanour, excellent communication skills and empathy to ensure that patients are accurately counselled so as to improve their adherence to treatment and other guidelines.



  1. Diploma in Pharmacy Technology or equivalent qualification (e.g. diploma in clinical medicine)
  2. Registration with the Uganda Allied Health Professionals Council.
  3. Knowledge of key pharmacology terms and standards
  4. Experience in dispensing is an added advantage
  5. Basic computer knowledge.
  6. Knowledge of C-Care drug formulary and pharmacy standards and procedures.
  7. Excellent customer care and communication skills
  8. Knowledge of key drug indications, regimen and interactions.



  1. Safe dispensing practices e.g. 100% prescription records, clear, accurate and timely patient counselling
  2. Good stock management e.g. 100% Navision entry, Up-to-date accurate stock card entries
  3. Professionalism i.e.
  • Continuous professional and personal development
  • Knowledge and adherence to C-Care Drug Formulary in dispensing
  • Supportive, facilitative and collaborative team work
  1. Cost effective pharmaceutical care




  1. Undertakes the preparation, packaging, labelling and dispensing of drugs against a validated prescription or drugs/sundries order, working to national standards and in accordance with C-Care procedures, in an accurate and timely manner


  1. Prepare documentation and labels for all products, in accordance with C-Care standard operating procedures


  1. Receive and evaluate prescriptions / orders from patients and / or hospital staff, against agreed departmental protocols


  1. Ensure that relevant details recorded on prescriptions comply with all legal requirements and liaise with medical and nursing staff as necessary


  1. Ensure that all medicines dispensed are checked against the prescription and check with the prescribing doctor; whenever there is doubt about the appropriateness of the medication, or about the doze or labelling instructions


  1. Communicate to patients regarding treatments and to accurately pass on information to other members of the team, regarding patient treatments


  1. Monitor expiry dates of drugs and other supplies to ensure timely rotation and use in other wards/clinics before the expiry date.


  1. Perform regular stock checks and agreed upon stock take to ensure that the hospital has adequate medical supplies (drugs, sundries, fluids, etc) and that there are no expired drugs or other medical supplies on the shelves and cupboards. This may require that you physically check stock in:


  • Theatre & Sterilisation
  • Pharmacy cages and dispensary.
  • Stock Cupboards
  • Wards ( OPD, IPDs )


  1. Ensure that refrigerated items are stored at the appropriate temperature.


  1. Regularly monitor and record the fridge temperatures to ensure adherence to agreed standards.


  1. Maintain agreed data entries and documentation or paper trail for all prescriptions/ supplies to ensure a seamless accountability and stock-keeping system using agreed documents accurately and in timely manner e.g. stock cards, Navision and others


  1. Be fully accountable for drug usage in the pharmacy and report any abuse of medical resources under your care.


  1. Answer the telephone according to C-Care telephone etiquette and assess the nature of the query, respond to the enquiry and refer to appropriate members of staff as necessary.


  1. Attend any meetings and training sessions as requested. Keep up to date with department and/or organisation communications via inter/intranet, noticeboards etc.



  1. Check for any contra-indications or any harmful drug interactions of drugs prescribed (e.g. in pregnancy) to ensure safe usage of drugs by patients


  1. Dispose of all used and unwanted materials e.g. expired drugs according to C-Care Standard operating procedure.


  1. Participate in the assessment and internal audit of the unit to assure the quality of service


  1. Ensure the safe and appropriate storage of all materials and equipment and ensure that adequate stock takes are maintained.


  1. Perform any other duties that will be assigned to you by the Pharmacist and/or Pharmacy team leader.



  • Refrigerator and Computer
  • MS office
  • Navision



  • You may have long shifts, standing as you deliver your services to clients.


  • You may deal with irate patients or staff from time to time.


  • You may deal with anxious or distraught patients or staff.



You are required to adhere to the employment policies as per department guidelines and as per the Employee Handbook.


Among other performance measures as agreed within your department, you are required to align your accomplishments to the 5 pillars of the organisation; namely:



You are required to adhere to and embody the values of the organisation; these require a commitment to creative demonstration of the values below in your day-to-day work:


  1. ACCOUNTABILITY for our actions
  • Committed to creative actions that have a positive impact on others
  • Proactively seeking feedback about our services, we willingly take the necessary actions for redress, where needed
  • Taking responsibility for our decisions and their outcomes, we do not shift blame, give excuses or become defensive
  • Understanding that our responses are within our control, we choose to positively respond to the circumstances around us


  1. DIGNITY in our service
  • Recognising the sanctity of life, we honour those we serve
  • Acknowledging that respect is earned, we have self-respect and esteem others, too
  • We recognise that everyone brings unique value to the organisation so we treat all partners with respect and dignity
  • We value the unique opinions and contributions added by others so we actively listen in our communications with one another


  1. COMMITMENT to excellence
  • Exceptional outcomes are a result of our focussed dedication
  • Deliberate devotion to our standards of care
  • Shared accountability for achievement of results
  • Evidence-based practice for quality care


  1. COMPASSION for our customers
  • Empathy for those in our care
  • Willingness to listen to others
  • Going the extra mile to meet clients’ needs
  • Responsive to the individual needs of the client, we deliver holistic care to our clients


  1. BUILDING HOPE in the community
  • Providing quality care to the needy
  • Investing in health interventions that have a wider social impact
  • Touching our communities through our health programs
  • Encouraging and supporting those around us


  1. INNOVATION in our approaches
  • Continuous improvement in our systems and practices ensures effective models for first-rate service delivery
  • Committed to life-long learning, we strive to be creative and innovative in all we do
  • Investing in modern equipment
  • We believe in the synergy inherent in partnerships and proactively seek to work with our stakeholders


  1. INTEGRITY in our dealings
  • Honest communication with patients and among staff
  • Fairness and self-scrutiny in everything we do
  • Maintaining confidentiality and privacy
  • Sound business practices in line with best practice


  1. INVESTING in people and services
  • Developing our staff through internal and external opportunities
  • Fostering an empowering and conducive working environment
  • Constantly advancing our facilities and equipment
  • Consistently scrutinizing our services and conduct
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