Job Ad: Administrative Officer

DEPARTMENT         :           Administration

POSITION                 :          Administrative Officer

REPORTS TO           :          Business Manager

INTERFACES WITH  :           Medical staff, Nurses, laboratory staff, Patients, company         representatives



This job is critical to accurate and complete running of the administrative duties at the centre; and the billing process for services rendered. The key objectives for this role include:

  • To ensure that all administrative work is done accurately and promptly.
  • To ensure that customer experience is improved time to time.
  • To ensure that all bills in the designated centre are captured to detail.
  • To ensure that all cash paying patients clear their bills.
  • To prepare final bills for patients, collect final settlement payments and properly close off all bills.



  • A good management, business or Accounting degree/diploma from a recognized university
  • Good and demonstrable understanding of IMG Philosophy, Vision and strategy (desirable)
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Good communication skills (Verbal & Written) so as to communicate effectively with clients, the team and other staff.
  • Good and demonstrable leadership skills (desirable)
  • Computer Literacy especially MS Office( Word, Excel and outlook)
  • Knowledge and ability to use Navision/Quick books
  • Ability to foresee problems and inform or advise direct supervisor accordingly.
  • Exceptional Customer service
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Flexibility, attention to detail, professionalism, time management, telephone etiquette
  • Experience in a similar field is desired.



  • Management of patient queues
  • Organising meetings and morning briefs
  • Level of patient satisfaction as reflected in customer feedback/Minimal customer care complaints regarding services at the clinic
  • 100% completion of required forms by all invoicing clients.
  • Effective liaison with Doctors, Lab technicians, Nurses and kitchen staff to make sure that all billable items are included in the bills.
  • Daily submission of reports as required
  • Adherence to minimum working hours as per C-Care Policy i.e. 45 Hours per week
  • Punctuality/ Keeping time
  • Minimal number of Credit Memos. (2 in a month)
  • Daily handing over of invoices to doctors for vetting and verification.
  • Daily & proper filling of invoices on time.
  • Organised filing and information management – for easy retrieval, safe storage



  • Team work
  • Approachability
  • 100% Attendance of work
  • 100% Navision usage
  • 100% attendance of meetings
  • 100% attendance of training sessions
  • Clear working area
  • 100% adherence to agreed uniform policy



  1. Reception duties

–           Receive patients, ensuring prompt attention to clients and addressing their needs professionally, efficiently and without unnecessary delay.

–           Ensure the patients are informed if a doctor is late or called out.

–           Respond to all queries and requests for assistance from patients and other visitors to the organisation as appropriate

–           Ensure reception area is clean and tidy

–           Liaise with all departments to make sure clients’ needs are met in the most efficient and fast manner.

  1. Management of specialist’s appointment system

–           Maintain working knowledge of the appointment system i.e. times of all clinics, duration of appointments, knowledge of computer system, doctors rotas, and procedures for booking routine and urgent appointments.

–           Book appointments accurately and appropriately

  1. Management of medical records

–           Ensure patients records are kept accurately in alphabetical order, in easily retrievable method and kept tidy, Retrieve and refile records as required

  1. Switchboard management/ Operation of telephone

–           Receive and make calls as required in an efficient, professional manner according to IMG protocol

–           Divert calls and take messages as appropriate, record information for the different parties e.g. Senior Managers, Doctors, etc to action

–           Ensure phones are transferred to and from the switchboard before & after the night duty. i.e. at 5:00pm and at 8:00am

–           Hold people accountable for all costs related to telephone usage


  1. Information security

–           Ensure that all patient interactions are dealt with confidentially and any confidential paperwork is dealt with in accordance with IMG protocol.

  1. Patient liaison/ Customer care

–           Ensure waiting areas are in good condition; have health reading materials, water and are clean.

–           Ensure capturing and facilitating immediate resolution of patients’ complaints at OPD. Issues must be broken down into urgent plan of action affecting patient satisfaction. Basically clinical and non-clinical complaints.

  1. Verification and Cash receipting

–           Familiarize yourself with our various schemes and companies; including their limits/ exclusions and benefits.

–           All cash-paying patients must be encouraged to make deposits.

–           Collect payments (be very vigilant about this) from patients.

–           Ensure that all cash paying patients who fail to clear their bills, are brought to the attention of Billing manager and Business manager

  1. Billing

–           Liaise with doctors, lab technicians, nurses, and kitchen staff to make sure that all billable items are included in the bill. The doctor in charge of the shift MUST see the final bill prior to being presented to the patient/ dispatch to the Business manager

–           Ensure that medical claim forms are accurately filed and duly signed by all relevant parties.

–           Prepare final bills for all out -patients, collect final cash payments.

  1. Invoice dispatch to Credit control

–           Arrange company invoices for dispatch per shift and hand them over to the business manager after being review by the doctor; ensure that;

  1. Signed by the doctor and the patient duly sign
  2. Cross check that the information on the insurance forms matches the invoice details;

–           Ensure proper filing of invoices in the credit control department.

–           Proactively address patient queries or concerns regarding their bills and request for support from your line manager or Credit Control where needed

–           Make sure that all the patients in the Clinic are divided into the required categories e.g. Cash, Pre-paid and invoicing.

–           Work as a liaison staff between patients and the Credit control Department to ensure that Medical claim forms are accurately filled and signed forms.

–           Bills that are invoiced or cash but have not been cleared should be gathered and presented to the credit control officer.

Undertake any other duties as necessary at the request of senior management or the line manager, which are commensurate with the role, including project work, internal job rotation and absence cover in response to the changing needs of the clinic or organisation so as to provide a quality service


  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Fax machines
  • Telephones


Computer use especially MS office and Navision.


The Environment

The post holder may be required to spend long periods at a keyboard. Long periods of concentration may be required when preparing bills or reviewing statements and other documents. Frequent interruptions will be experienced necessitating the reprioritizing of duties.

You will be required to exercise:

  • A high degree of concentration to ensure accuracy
  • A high degree of intuition to effectively deal with difficult situations
  • Ability to maturely and patiently explain processes or policies to patients
  • Attention to detail

To ensure that all statutory requirements outlined in the IMG employee handbook and code of professional conduct and policies are personally adhered to.

Working Hours

The official working hours will be a minimum of 45 hours per week as per C-Care policy but the position will require you to be flexible including weekend and night shifts


You may occasionally deal with difficult and at times angry/ aggressive clients or members of the public by telephone or in person.



Among other performance measures as agreed within your department, you are required to align your accomplishments to the 5 pillars of the organisation; namely:


You are required to adhere to and embody the values of the organisation; these require a commitment to creative demonstration of the values below in your day-to-day work:

  1. ACCOUNTABILITY for our actions
  • Committed to creative actions that have a positive impact on others
  • Proactively seeking feedback about our services, we willingly take the necessary actions for redress, where needed
  • Taking responsibility for our decisions and their outcomes, we do not shift blame, give excuses or become defensive
  • Understanding that our responses are within our control, we choose to positively respond to the circumstances around us.


  1. DIGNITY in our service
  • Recognising the sanctity of life, we honour those we serve
  • Acknowledging that respect is earned, we have self-respect and esteem others, too
  • We recognise that everyone brings unique value to the organisation so we treat all partners with respect and dignity
  • We value the unique opinions and contributions added by others so we actively listen in our communications with one another


  1. COMMITMENT to excellence
  • Exceptional outcomes are a result of our focussed dedication
  • Deliberate devotion to our standards of care
  • Shared accountability for achievement of results
  • Evidence-based practice for quality care


  1. COMPASSION for our customers
  • Empathy for those in our care
  • Willingness to listen to others
  • Going the extra mile to meet clients’ needs
  • Responsive to the individual needs of the client, we deliver holistic care to our clients


  1. BUILDING HOPE in the community
  • Providing quality care to the needy
  • Investing in health interventions that have a wider social impact
  • Touching our communities through our health programs
  • Encouraging and supporting those around us


  1. INNOVATION in our approaches
  • Continuous improvement in our systems and practices ensures effective models for first-rate service delivery
  • Committed to life-long learning, we strive to be creative and innovative in all we do
  • Investing in modern equipment
  • We believe in the synergy inherent in partnerships and proactively seek to work with our stakeholders


  1. INTEGRITY in our dealings
  • Honest communication with patients and among staff
  • Fairness and self-scrutiny in everything we do
  • Maintaining confidentiality and privacy
  • Sound business practices in line with best practice


  1. INVESTING in people and services
  • Developing our staff through internal and external opportunities
  • Fostering an empowering and conducive working environment
  • Constantly advancing our facilities and equipment
  • Consistently scrutinizing our services and conduct
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