Customer Care Policy

Customer Care Policy

Feedback (positive or negative) is acknowledged as soon as it is received either face to face or if appropriate and necessary (i.e.: if there is an issue to be addressed) with a follow up call.


Customer Care that exceeds client expectations.

Our Mission

Committed To Raising Customer Satisfaction By Ensuring Services Are Delivered To The Highest Standards Through Monitoring Of Service Delivery Points, Active Seeking And Analysis Of Client Feedback, Resolution Of Complaints, Identification And Reporting Of Service Gaps And Customer Care Training Of Staff.

Client Experience Department Operations Guidelines

The Client Experience Department seeks to ensure that clients are accessing and receiving services in accordance with their rights and responsibilities.

Roles of the Client Experience Department

  • To monitor all out patient waiting areas in the hospital and ensure clients are attended to and are satisfied with the services
  • To monitor in patient Departments in the hospital to ensure clients are attended to and are satisfied with the services
  • To ensure clients know how to voice complaints on the services
  • To ensure all customer complaints or issues (verbal /written) are dealt with in an urgent manner and followed through to conclusion.
  • To receive, respond to and report client feedback on the services
  • To ensure clients are aware and have access to information regarding their Rights and responsibilities
  • To provide Customer Care Training for IHK staff
  • Other Duties Performed by the Client Experience Department:
    • Maintaining and reviewing Quality Improvement Plan
    • Maintaining and improving Risk registers
    • Monthly submission of Client Experience reports/analysis
    • Monitoring ongoing implementation and maintenance of COHSASA standards as per Hospital standard 6.7 SE 4 Access to Care and Patient Rights
    • Staff Orientation – all new staff to the organization undergo an orientation programme from different departments throughout the company.


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Founded in the year 2000, IHK is the Largest Private Hospital
in Uganda.


Tel: +256 312 200 400
Email: ihk@img.co.ug
Emergency: +256 772 200 400
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We are the only COHSASA accredited Hospital in Uganda and one of the two in East Africa.

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