Within the radiology clinic we have four major things going on

  1. Ultrasound scan (Abdominal USS, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Scans including 3D, Cranial, BreastUSS )
  2. x-rays
  3. CT scans
  4. Mammograph

It is our duty to inform you that your waiting time will always depend on what procedure you are about to do, the number of fellow clients you find queuing for the same procedure and occasional emergency situations that may arise in between.

Standard procedures for all examinations:

  1. Present your written request form to the radiology reception. No verbal or self requests will be allowed.
  2.  For all examinations request form you will be required to verify with both the department and the billing department (we apologise for this inconvenience).
  3. After the billing department bring back the form to radiology department.
  4. You will be directed what to do depending on what examination is required of you.
  5. You will be given a number and told how many clients are before you.


Ultrasound scans done include;

  • Abdominal USS
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology Scans including 3D
  • Cranial
  • BreastUSS

This is the commonest of all procedures requested for and hence tends to have larger number of clients. It is an examination that takes longer time than most procedures. The procedure takes between 20-30minutes of performing the procedure and about 15-20minutes of generating a report for you. However some ultrasound scans like for the blood vessels take even longer time (45-1hrs). Our peak hours are between 10.00am -3.00pm.We may give you a booking for some of the ultrasound scans. We therefore require your corporation on this.

This is the second most required examination. It doesn’t require preparation you will be told to sit and wait until you turn comes. Waiting time will depend on the clients before you. The procedure takes about 10-15minutes to be done. Your x-ray film will be presented to you in about 10-15 minutes after the procedure.

We would like you to note that because these two procedures are done in the same area, you may see some clients who came after  being called, please sit and relax this is not unfairness. The client will be obtaining or undergoing a different examination from yours because their queue is shorter

Or your examination requires a specialist who at that time may be involved with another procedure before you.

Some procedures take longer than others depending on what is requested, however we would like to inform you that the same staff doing the ultrasound scan will be the same staff carrying on a CT scan for you.

You will be given a consent form which you read and voluntarily sign. If you choose not to sign we don’t force you it is your right to accept or refuse a procedure.

You will be given an image in case of emergency or urgent situation for your doctor to be able to act but the report will be generated much later in the day as most CT scan require  a lot of concentration of the reporting radiologist. Most reports will be generated the following day hence you will be given an appointment to pick it the following day.

Most CTs are done on appointment because there are some preparations required, the radiographer will always help you with this information.

For most head injury, the neurosurgeon may intervene without a radiologists report.

These are done on appointment. The radiographer will give information on what basically is required there is not much preparation for this. The report just like CT scan will always be give a day after, after critical analysis.

Note that the radiology team may do another procedure on you other than the requested because they know what will benefit you following your condition. Please don’t be offended you are free to ask the radiologist or the radiographer any question regarding change of the procedure.

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