Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

IHK boasts an 8 – bed Level II Special Care Nursery Unit at par with international standards. It is fully equipped to handle any type of emergency that may befall preterm babies or other newborn babies. These emergencies include breathing problems, heart conditions, digestive system problems, jaundice and infections among others.

The neonatal services are overseen by a team of paediatricians alongside a team of specially trained and dedicated neonatal nurses and backed up by several other specialists including surgeons, eye specialists and heart specialists among others. These all have a different role to play in ensuring that premature babies and sick newborns have a good chance at overcoming their illness or prematurity and living a full productive life.

The Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit service offers 3 dedicated and fully equipped beds at par with international standards. The Level III service looks after the sickest babies who usually require life support machines. In this unit, one nurse looks after each sick baby.

The newborn service combines advanced technologies with staff who have an unwavering commitment to ensure the best outcomes for babies admitted to our units. The state of the art equipment we have includes different types of breathing support machines (ventilators and CPAP), intelligent monitors to track vital signs, incubators, phototherapy machines (to manage jaundice) and a specially designed nursery to promote development of preterm and newborn babies.

Following discharge, all the babies who have previously been admitted to the nursery are followed up by the Neonatologist. This ensures that these babies are growing and developing optimally in all areas and gives these babies a good chance at catching up with their peers and going on to live a fully productive life.

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