IDC Lancet Laboratory

Through the partnership with Lancet, the lab offers a panel of over 3000 routine and specialised tests including paternity DNA testing, TB quanteferon, allergy testing, drug screening, viral resistance testing.

SERVICES OFFERED: Routine and Specialized Laboratory tests including:

  • Open 7 days a week
  •  Extensive range of testing that is continuously expanding
  •  Faster turnaround times are achieved by carrying out testing locally, and avoiding referral to labs abroad, even  for specialised tests.
  •  Experienced lab personnel, already carrying out 5000 tests each month, and with the capacity to carry out 400  chemistry tests per hour.
  •  External Quality Assurance (EQA) is regularly carried out, guaranteeing quality results.
  •  Courier service is available for regular daily collection of samples from your centre.

Our Location

Plot 4686 St Barnabas Road, Kisugu - Namuwongo.
P.O.Box 8177 Kampala, Uganda


Tel: +256 312 200 400. Mail:
Emergency Ambulance Lines
+256 772 200 400 / +256 712 200 400


Uganda’s only COHSASA accredited hospital