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at followed by the two men followed up, said What to do with it I.have not seen it yet, see sister in law Cisco Business Value Specialist really capacity. Anzhao said with a smile.Lu Cisco Business Value Specialist it exam Ming Sheng happy, Li Fu this person, the woman has always been indifferent, Cisco Certification since he had an accident, have not seen him and which woman get along, naturally want to see. You first ask Where is she, if in the company, pick her up directly, anyway, my company is not far away. Lu Ming Sheng asked. Pick her up Li Fu slightly raised his eyebrows, just want to think of Lu Geun if you see his car parked at the door to pick her what reaction is rare, a dull handsome face, his mouth slightly tilted a litt.le. , We are always so smart and handsome, to pick up who do not mind the deer chaos ah. Lu Ming sheng winking said.Li Fu faint glanced at him, after a long while, took out the phone, dial the phone number for a long time saved.This is the first time t. o play.About the sound of thirty four sound, The phone was connected to the phone during that period, but the voice was a bit awkward Hey who belch The hibiscus obviously had some big tongues and finished a hiccup after that. Li Fu s brow beating a bit, the voice can not hear emotions, asked Where are you Haha, Li Fu ah, I heard y.our voice to hear it Hiccups I drink with Mo Yao it She smirk. Li Fu face instantly black down. Can hear the environment behind Lu Habitat is v

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