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as tightly at. tached to Taft s body. That golden dress, full of ten pure gold, so a large area of gold wrapped in clothing, Amazon or at least useful for a few hundred pounds of gold, which shows the luxury of this Taft. The gold mask on his body, the surface is a gold mask, the gold on the mask carved a person s face, tightly Amazon Certification closed his eyes narrowed into a seam, tall nose, tightly lips clammy look thin And thin, below the mouth is a mustache, but also showed a shiny feeling of oil and water, finishing is.very elegant, but looks a bit strange on the entire mask. Nafta mask hung like a smile, seems to laugh at all things. Amazon it exam To be honest, Taft s honor, no one has ever seen. And the face of this gold mask is Taof s honor, or just a strange mask, we do not know. Although everyone guessing, this person must be Ta Fu, but in the end is not, but also not allowed. What a strange look to this mask, is it that the King of Persia, the long one, is it Kikuni, a Persian, was naturally told about Taft s great achi. evements. This tafu pioneer territory, creating a persian empire, but also to car.ry forward the country, is a generation dignified. Chrysanthemum saw their country s founding head , she was very curious at the end of Taft, is what kind of person. So, small chrysanthemum could

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